yin yang

Balance is what I always chasing / pursuing for…

Want is another story which differs from reality…

Human beings are always in dilemma…

I am not sure about others but I think to some certain extent, I am….

Not to say always but I think at least those who are around me are…..

I am not in the dilemma situation whenever I want to make a choice for myself but I am always blur / unclear with others ‘instruction’ ,  ‘thinking’ and etc…. cant everyone just have a clear set if mind of what they want to do? (OR I should just stop doing assumption…!!!)

For instance, when I first come out to work… There are objections..

Telling me that I should continue my master first before heading off to the workforce…

There are many of them who support my idea on working to gain more experiences first…

Well well well..

I am someone who will not bother on what others are saying but to continue on the
path that I am heading to or what I should say is the junction that I had chosen….

Whenever they cannot be able to ‘control’ me or it is better to say that whenever they can’t change my mindset and when time comes, they tend to accept me…. (it’s obviously what they can do at the end of the day..)

Then, they start to tell me… do to your best…. You have to survive and be the best bla bla bla bla… you need to survive in this competitive world… you need to put in extra effort.. bla bla bla…. All those nonsense….

And, now I tend not to say anything more…. It’s just something that will make me get fed up of…

I just want to mumble and tell you what I feel… not to tell you to let you lecture or giving all the points that you think they are so grand… it’s not something that I want… cant you just listen and at least give me some support and not adding in few more kicks?

Well well well…. You are the one who told me to work out more… go out to mix with friends more….

When I am going out every weekend, you start to say… why you are acting so…. Do you think this is a hotel? Do you think that you are not well treated? What do you want?

Fine fine fine… I admit that I am going out too frequent…. So, should I just stay at home and face the laptop and the tv all day long without even stepping out of the
house and be a so called good kid?


I know my company has away too many activities…. And I really hardly stay at home and have a meal…. And I know that you start to don’t like me to be such a way… I am
just trying to be nice sometimes… I am trying to talk to you…. Not when the time whenever I want to talk to you, you are like…… –> don’t even bother what I am doing
now…. You just do not want/will bla bla bla bla….

Alright.. you want people to respect you… listen to you…. Please do act maturely
sometimes… (OK.. maybe I am not the mature one… maybe I should adapt to the
mature society which others’ define to be..)

Erm….. this is the minor view.. and I think I should stop on this… as a conclusion, I would say I am a failure….. I do not know how to communicate with people…. Whenever they want me to act that way, they think I should follow? Please la… now is no longer in the back 40s…. I don’t know….

I am just keeping myself silent (not talking)…. Just hate to talk…..

Trying to be nice and yet come back to be like that….. (thorns are throwing towards me… and I do not deserve all those..)

Back to the balance part…

I went to a talk –> is socialism still relevant?

To certain degree, I do agree but to another degree, I tend to not…..

And at the same time, I also do not agree about capitalism and yet agreeing in some part….

What I can think of is a combination of socialism and capitalism which I think it’s practiced by many corporate companies (not a 50-50 scenario) but at least some of them are doing….

It’s just hard to imply into countries especially when every country is in the competitive situation, hunting for foreign investment…

Anyways, with the co-operation from all parties / nation, I think this will be something
resulted from one day…

A good balance is something we see to be neutral.. it is not necessary to be in the
50-50 situation…

~ My adrenaline which helps to trigger my excitement boost up whenever I am surrounded by people who can talk with you…. (Talk with me means we are exchanging ideas and not talking from one side and no respond from another side) ~


First day of work

It is a boring day BUT glad that I am into another part of my life, carrying another responsibility, no longer under supervision of another one, no one will be my back up party, I have to be FULLY responsible to myself and to what sort of things that I am doing and never never ever think of someone to be my back up ‘buddy’ if I am doing something wrong and what so ever….

Well well well….

Today is my first day…..

I had 3 hours lunch…!!! Hahaha…… and….. FREE lunch….. 😛

Have some NEW and friendly colleagues…..

I have my gadgets…. Name tag, stationaries, laptop, haversack….. umbrella.. what else? Hahhaa….

My life turning to be no msn chatting, no facebook…. No this no that…..

What else?

Erm…. I seems like no longer feeling boring with the internet connection where I can at least have a connection with others online…. Hehe….


Was really angry today…

Not because of something serious….

It was actually some minor thing….

It was just something that accumulate and it burst out today….


I don’t think so….

I do not know what to say….


Letting it out was great? Indeed? Was it?

I am not sure….


I was just telling out the fact that I do not like her to him…

And please la…. I do not wan to see her anymore….

I do not want her to relate to my life anymore….

Please do not involve me into anything that has ‘her’ in….

I can live much much better without her and without you too IF you insist on staying her and welcoming her into my life…..

I do not know whats your intention in doing so…


A no from me means NO….

I hope you can understand….

I do not want such a silly, stupid, no manners and selfish person to come into my life…. !!!!!

Dilemma… BIG BIG Dilemma…


I am in a big dilemma le…

Should I continue my master?

I know the answer to this is a yes…

But, should I take it now or later?

This is what that makes me think so long…

IF I am taking it now, I need to start it on Sept which is in a very short duration from now…

IF I am not taking it, then the fees will be doubled…

Why is it so?

Cause ho….

The fees of taking master had increased…

BUT, IF I am registering on the coming semester, then they will charge back the old rate…

I think it’s a way on how APEX University is going to attract us to pursue graduate programme to ensure they can achieve their mission and vision on getting XXX numbers of graduatessss in 2015?

And, I am applying for Taiwan university + scholarship which I have no confident in getting it….

Again, IF I am taking it now… Then my actual plan will be changing… Diversed?

Not sure..

But, rationally, I think I should take my master on Sept geh…….


But, there are consss too……

Is it convincing on thinking that I can use the money I ‘earned’ to cover back the ‘outstanding’?

BUT, really… The price doubled….!!!! DOUBLE……..!!!!!!!!!!



Why are you saying that one friend must share the same hobby?

Why are you saying that one friend must share the same interest?

For me, friends are not necessary to share the same interest among them…

As long as they feel comfortable when they are together….

What are the advantages when you and your friends do not share the same interest (similarities)?

(1) Both of you have different bunch of friends where you can expand your social networking when both side of people meet together.

(2) There will be less conflict among both of you. (As you are working on something together, different style will emerge and thus conflicts were born.)

(3) You can talk bad about your friends freely and need not care about the feeling of your friend since s/he is not in your bunch of friends.

Whatelse? Not pretty sure… But, having a friend which is out from your normal social networking environment is important…


Promise is promise

I normally do not ffk and fulfill promises….

I will try my very best to fulfill every promises although sometimes I find it hard for me and it will take up so much of my time and energy and sometimes it’s out of my comfort…

I just do not want to upset the one that I had promised…

I know promise is important….

Very important indeed……



Gentlemen are over gentle nowadays….

They are much more gentle than girls nowadays..

What had happen to this world?

When we are asking for equality….

At the same time….

Did we transformed??

In terms of characteristics of gender…

Girls are being much more masculine now while men are totally opposite on what they should be….


Is the world changing?

Let’s see…


人 ·忍













Love & Care

Once upon a time, I care about you so much and when I got to know about something that I could not agree with on what you had done, I get upset and heart pain (really pain type).

But, why is this happening?

Once, I was ignored by you and I had tried my best to make your eye to have a look at me… (Did I? I am not that sure though.)

And now, I no longer had that feeling that I had once upon a time ago. I got nothing to say even when I am talking to you on the phone…

I am so not me…





23 年的岁月










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